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A shocking story of postnatal PTSD

It might affect as many as 30,000 women in the UK each year but few of us know much about it. Pennie Latin investigates the shocking consequences of postnatal PTSD.

Gill Skene didn't know what was wrong with her after the traumatic birth of her daughter, she just knew she wasn't depressed and she wasn't behaving normally. Flashbacks and paranoia culminated in a moment when Gill realised she was capable of attacking her husband after he came between her and her baby, she sought help and was diagnosed to postnatal PTSD. In this moving and thought provoking Brainwaves, Pennie Latin hears from Gill and her husband, Mark, then sets out to investigate what we know about a mental health condition which is estimated to affect 30,000 women in the UK each year. Along the way Pennie discovers its not just birth mothers who are vulnerable to stress following a difficult birth, clinical staff are also presenting with PTSD. Pennie asks how much we know about the condition and what can be done to identify and support sufferers.

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