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Bob Willis MBE, Gary Rhodes OBE, Dr Shuping Wang, Sir Stephen Cleobury CBE

Matthew Bannister on cricketer Bob Willis, chef Gary Rhodes, whistleblower Shuping Wang, musical director Sir Stephen Cleobury

Pictured: Bob Willis

Matthew Bannister on

Bob Willis, the former England cricket captain, who was seen as one of the finest fast bowlers of his generation.

Gary Rhodes, the spiky-haired TV chef who won Michelin stars for his re-invention of classic British recipes.

Shuping Wang, the Chinese doctor who lost her job and her marriage after blowing the whistle on a trade in blood products that was spreading HIV through Henan province.

Sir Stephen Cleobury, the musical director of King's College Cambridge for thirty-seven years. He commissioned a new carol every year for the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols.

Interviewed guest: Jonathan Agnew MBE
Interviewed guest: Fiona Pitcher
Interviewed guest: Thane Prince
Interviewed guest: Sir Michael Boyd
Interviewed guest: The Reverend Dr Stephen Cherry
Interviewed guest: Peter Lindsay

Producer: Neil George

Archive clips from: Today, Radio 4 05/12/2019; Test Match Special, 5 Live 04/12/2019; Rhodes Around Britain, BBC Two 08/06/1995, 25/05/1995, 05/07/1994, 07/06/1994; Top of the Class, Radio 4 18/08/2008; Great British Food Revival, BBC Two 17/11/2011; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 19/09/2019; CD Review, Radio 3 25/12/2004.

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28 minutes

Bob Willis MBE

Born 30 May 1949; died 4 December 2019, aged 70.

Last Word spoke to Jonathan Agnew MBE, broadcaster and former professional cricketer.

Gary Rhodes OBE

Born 22 April 1960; died suddenly 26 November 2019, aged 59.

Last Word spoke to Fiona Pitcher, Executive Producer of Rhodes Around Britain, and friend and food writer Thane Prince.

Dr Shuping Wang

Born 20 October 1959; died 21 September 2019, aged 59.

Last Word spoke to director Sir Michael Boyd.

Sir Stephen Cleobury CBE

Born 31 December 1948; died 22 November 2019, aged 70.

Last Word spoke to The Reverend Dr Stephen Cherry, Dean of King's College Cambridge, and Peter Lindsay, former chorister at King’s College. 


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