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Walks with friends, which will transport you outdoors. These hikes are bought to life by music and natural sounds as synths echo birds and a beat is created by footsteps.

A storytelling of walks with friends by Georgina Elsom.

We have created audio that is inspired by physical acts of walking and talking, transformed into a unique blend of field recordings with music and poetic storytelling. These stories have been created following individual walks in places across the UK, and captures the feeling of the walk, weather, length, difficulty and conversations had. The artist has been on the journey and has bought it back to your ears in unexpected ways. The journey has been reimagined through recorded sound from the walks, interwoven with music by Ross Iā€™Anson. These pieces will take you on a journey and evoke imagery and feelings that will bring you closer to the outdoors.

These pieces are designed to be listened to anywhere with the hope that they inspire others to shove on some walking boots and get stuck into nature. Whether you walk in your hometown or further afield these audio pieces help you to see the joy in the rain, accomplishments through pain and space to breathe.

New Creatives commissions innovative new short films, audio and interactive works from young artists and is co-funded by Arts Council England and BBC Arts.

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