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Episode 3

Susan Calman explores the things in her life that bring her true happiness. This week, she talks about the pleasure given by great food and drink. New stand-up series.

Taking part in Strictly Come Dancing made Susan Calman happy. Completely, totally happy. And having lived with anxiety for so long, it was something of a surprise to discover something new that gave her feelings of joy. So, in Susan Calman Makes Me Happy, she explores and explains the other things in life that bring her happiness.

This week, aided and abetted by her studio audience and her wife Lee, Susan investigates food and drink, looking at its emotional importance above and beyond mere sustenance and pondering why a bad meal can ruin an entire day.

Produced by Lyndsay Fenner
Written by Susan Calman and Jon Hunter

Production Co-ordinator: Tamara Shilham

A Somethin’ Else production for BBC Radio 4

27 days left to listen

28 minutes


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Download: Susan Calman's Mrs Brightside

Download: Susan Calman's Mrs Brightside

Susan invites friends over for a cheerful look at depression.