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Corey Mwamba explores 'gwrth-gitâr', a term used by Ash Cooke meaning 'anti-guitar', and a live recording of flautist Nicole Mitchell's ensemble at Saalfelden Jazz Festival.

Corey Mwamba explores ‘gwrth-gitâr’, a term used by Welsh improviser Ash Cooke meaning ‘anti-guitar’. It seeks to explore new ways of using a traditional and universally familiar object to paint an alternative view of the world. It is unrehearsed, and leaves as much to chance as it does to the ability of the operator. Gwrth-gitâr is, in part, the answer to the question 'what else can this thing do?'

Trumpets, electronics and drums combine to create rich glitchy and percussive textures on a new record by Tom Arthurs, Isambard Khroustaliov and Julian Sartorius. And there’s a live recording of flautist Nicole Mitchell’s ensemble performing on the mainstage at Saalfelden Jazz Festival in Austria.

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Music Played

  • Susie Ibarra & Jake Landau


    • Perception.
    • Decibel Music ‎.
  • Arthurs Khroustaliov Sartorius


    • Hangkerum.
    • Clean Feed.
  • Nicole Mitchell

    Time Wrap

    • Live at Saalfelden Jazz Festival 2018.
  • Chow Mwng

    Grid Ref SH607651

    • Dis Ordnance.
    • self-release.
  • Τάνια Γιαννούλη, Rob Thorne & Steve Garden

    A Forgotten Land - First Light

    • Rewa.
    • Rattle Records.
  • Mark Hanslip & Emil Karlsen


    • Planish.
    • Noumenon.
  • Pat Thomas, Dominic Lash & Tony Orrell


    • Bley School.
    • 577 Records.
  • Sylvia & I

    third person

    • Spooner Row.
    • self-release.


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