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A Venezuelan Music Special

Jennifer Lucy Allan is back from a trip to Caracas with pockets full of music, from the cowboy songs of the plains to the dance happy electronics of the barrios.

Venezuela is buckling under a severe economic crisis and in the capital, once a bohemian mecca riding high on oil prices, the streets are deserted in the evenings due to spiralling crime rates. Despite the gloomy headlines, music continues to thrive. Jennifer Lucy Allan travelled to Caracas recently and returns with pockets full of music, including: cowboy songs from the Southern plains; Changa Tuki, the hard electronic dance music of the barrios; and feverish musique concrète.

We also explore the idea of electro-shamanism with Venezuelan ambient-electronic composer Miguel Noya. He discusses how certain frequencies and binaural sound patterns can have transformative impacts on the brain, rooted in his experiences of ritual music amongst the indigenous people in the north of Venezuela.

Produced by Alannah Chance.
A Reduced Listening Production for BBC Radio 3.

17 days left to listen

2 hours

Music Played

  • Vytas Brenner


    • Venezuela 70 (Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth: Venezuelan Experimental.
    • Soul Jazz Records.
  • Arturo García & Panchito Prim

    Pajarillo II (Joropo)

    • Harps from Venezuela II: Arpa Tuyera & Buche - Music and songs from the States o.
    • INEDIT.
  • Miguel Noya


    • Canciónes Intactas.
    • Phantom Limb.
  • WaqWaq Kingdom

    Gift From God

    • Essaka Hoisa.
    • Phantom Limb.
  • Caroline Shaw

    Its Motion Keeps

    Choir: Brooklyn Youth Chorus.
    • Black Mountain Songs.
    • New Amsterdam Records.
  • Soledad Bravo

    Qué Dirá El Santo Padre

    • Volumen 4.
    • Promus.
  • Jean C. Roché

    Guanare / Barinas

    • Birds Of Venezuela (Introduction By David Toop).
    • Sub Rosa.
  • Laura Agnusdei

    Epiphyte Blues

    • Laurisilva.
  • Oswaldo Lares

    Canto De Pilón

    • Musica De Venezuela 1972​-​81.
    • TAL.
  • El Khat

    Balagh Al Achbaab

    • Saadia Jefferson.
    • Batov.
  • Miguel Noya

    Huellas Circulares

    • Esferas Vivientes.
    • WSB.
  • Bill Orcutt

    Odds Against Tomorrow

    • Odds Against Tomorrow.
  • Andrés Levell

    Décima Revelación. Caída de Lucifer

  • DJ Yirvin

    Dale culo al waperó

    • ¿Quién Quiere Tuki?.
  • Psh-Psh

    Oigo voces (Esquizofrenia)

    • Psh​-​Psh: Demo (1983).
    • Humano Derecho Records.
  • Arca


    • Arca.
    • XL Recordings.
  • Sophie Cooper & Delphine Dora

    Greywood Miniatures side a

    • Greywood Miniatures.
  • Arthur Russell

    Barefoot In New York

    • Iowa Dream.
    • Audika Records.
  • Lori Goldston

    Love's Bitter Strings (Bonnie Jean Cameron)

    • Things Opening.
    • Second Editions.
  • Ben Babbitt

    Dark Rum Noir

    • Kentucky Route Zero- Act IV.
  • Musikautomatika


    • Musikautomatika.
    • Wah Wah Records.
  • Simón Díaz

    Tonada De Luna Llena

    • Tonadas.
    • Palacio ‎.


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