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DH Lawrence - The Fox

4 Extra Debut. When a young soldier arrives at a small holding run by two women, one of them has a strange attraction to him. Stars John Light.

Two women’s lives are transformed by the presence of a fox, and the arrival of a soldier.

The second of three novellas by D.H. Lawrence.

Philip Jackson, as D.H. Lawrence, narrates the story of two young women who try to run a small holding until a young a young soldier, Henry, arrives. One of the women is as attracted to him, as she is by the animal magnetism of the fox that terrorises their poultry.

Henry ... John Light
Banford .... Lucy Whybrow
Marsh .... Alice Arnold
Father .... Paul Gregory

Dramatised by Nick McCarty.

Directed by Janet Whitaker.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1999.

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