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Gay Byrne, Sadako Ogata, Robert Evans

Matthew Bannister on broadcaster Gay Byrne, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Sadako Ogata, film producer Robert Evans

Pictured: Gay Byrne

Matthew Bannister on

Gay Byrne, the Irish TV and radio presenter who occupied a unique place in the nation's culture and public life. He presented the Late Late Show for thirty-seven years, often causing controversy when he covered changing social issues.

Sadako Ogata, the Japanese academic who served as UN High Commissioner for Refugees in the 1990s. She was noted for her fearless approach and for putting the refugee crisis on the political map. The current Commissioner recalls his time working with her.

And the Hollywood producer Robert Evans, who was behind classic films like The Godfather, Love Story and Chinatown, but was almost as well known for his colourful private life as his on-screen hits. The actor and director Simon McBurney pays tribute.

Interviewed guest: Joe Duffy
Interviewed guest: Jurek Martin OBE
Interviewed guest: Filippo Grandi
Interviewed guest: Angie Errigo
Interviewed guest: Simon McBurney OBE

Producer: Neil George

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28 minutes

Gay Byrne

Born 5 August 1934; died 4 November 2019, aged 85.

Last Word spoke to RTÉ presenter Joe Duffy.

Sadako Ogata

Born 16 September 1927; died 22 October 2019, aged 92.

Last Word spoke to journalist Jurek Martin and Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Robert Evans

Born 29 June 1930; died 26 October 2019, aged 89.

Last Word spoke to film critic Angie Errigo, and actor and director Simon McBurney.