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A spiritual comment and prayer to start the day with Canon Ann Easter

A spiritual comment and prayer to start the day with Canon Ann Easter

Good Morning!

Earlier this year, I was upstairs when I heard our doorbell ring; my daughter was bringing her puppy round for me and my dog to look after. I ran downstairs, bare-footed, missed the last two steps and went flying. I knew immediately that I had broken my ankle. The ambulance crew were confident and competent and I was carefully examined before being taken to our local hospital’s Accident and Emergency department – and that was a whole new level of hell!

I spent all day watching the staff deal gently and patiently with an endless stream of people with a variety of health issues, some of whom clearly had mental health problems too. A man who was handcuffed to police officers shouted abuse, others moaned and called for help and one lady, evidently a regular, called drunken greetings to all!

I was eventually seen by the orthopaedic doctors who decided to operate next day; there were no beds free but somehow one was found; I had the operation and was soon sent home.

I have vivid memories of the overwhelming scale of need that was dealt with politely and carefully by staff who had come to work in our hospital from all over the world. The Albanian haematologist who showed me photos of his daughters; the Spanish nurse who phoned my husband to let him know where I was and the Scottish anaesthetist who listened to my fears and calmed and reassured me.

Most importantly, they were all kind; they acknowledged our common humanity and used their finest skills and strength of kindness to ease our pain and distress.

Lord God of Wellbeing, We thank you for everyone who works to bring healing to the world; strengthen the international language of kindness.


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