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Money Box Live: How To Retire Young

A US movement called FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early – urges millennials to save their income and budget so much they can retire before they're forty. Is it realistic?

Could you save enough of your income and budget so tightly that you can afford to retire in your thirties or forties? A US movement called FIRE – Financial Independence Retire Early – encourages millennials to stash enough cash to quit their job early and still live well. But how does it work? And do you have to be on a massive salary to make it a reality? With interest rates at historic lows, where can you invest for a decent return? What happens if you're a low-income earner? And what sacrifices must you make to achieve retirement before you reach fifty?

Louise Cooper will be joined by Barney Whiter, one of the UK's biggest ‘FIRE’ bloggers and Claer Barrett, Editor of FT Money

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  • Wed 6 Nov 2019 15:00

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