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Opposite-sex civil partnerships become law

The finances of opposite-sex civil partnerships, a claims management company charging some clients years after they thought the claims were closed and mortgage prisoners.

In amongst this week's political upheaval, a date was set for opposite-sex civil partnerships to become law. The first ceremonies will take place on December 31 2019. So what impact could this have on your financial health?

Money Box has been hearing from disgruntled clients of a claims management firm demanding money from some customers years after they thought their claims were closed. Ben Carter has been investigating.

Earlier this week the regulator relaxed mortgage affordability barriers with the aim to help an estimated 150,000 home owners trapped in high cost loans and not able to switch to a better deal. The FCA estimates the measures may only help as few as 2000, leaving the rest still stuck.

Presenter: Paul Lewis
Producer: Alex Lewis
Editor: Emma Rippon

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