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02/11/19 Farming Today This Week: Root veg

Charlotte Smith visits Phil Collins's farm in Wiltshire to talk all things root vegetable including soil health, pricing, produce quality and competing with the supermarkets.

Parsnips. Swedes. Carrots. This is a mere snapshot of the vegetables grown by Phil Collins on his farm near Calne in Wiltshire. To conclude Farming Today's week on root veg Phil shows Charlotte around his fields and explains how when he started in the 70s cauliflowers were selling for a £1, and now forty years on they're still only two for £2.50. By selling direct he can guarantee freshness for his customers but how does he find it competing with the supermarkets which suppress prices and prevent him charging what produce is worth. They also talk about how he sustains himself and his business when he's working six and a half days a week and he says were his sons not looking to take the business on he'd probably have sold up by now. This is the story of one man and a life devoted to vegetable production.

Presenter: Charlotte Smith
Producer: Toby Field

14 days left to listen

25 minutes