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Uluru; Einstein; Amazon Synod

Why Uluru is so sacred; Einstein and religion, the Amazon Synod at the Vatican and Christian views on childlessness.

From this weekend there’s a ban on climbing ‘Uluru’ in Australia’s Northern Territory. Anthropologist Professor Veronica Strang tells William Crawley why the site is so sacred to the aborigines.

In the wake of the deaths of 39 people in a lorry William hears from the Salvation Army’s Kathy Betteridge about their work with victims human trafficking. Dr Carrie Pemberton Ford from the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking tells him about the numbers of people caught up in this trade – and some of the stories behind them.

To mark the 100th anniversary of the confirmation of the theory of relativity, Professor Alister McGrath talks about Eistein's religion and his quest for a theory of everything.

As the Vatican’s ‘Amazon Synod’ comes to an end we hear about the issues that were discussed and the decisions reached.

Childlessness is on the rise in the UK due to infertility but also to choice. What are the implications of this for the practice and theology of the churches? William discuss this with Dr Dawn Llewellyn from Chester University who has studied Christian attitudes to childlessness and Sheridan Vosey, the Christian writer and speaker, who has been unable to have children with his wife.

Producers: Amanda Hancox
Rosie Dawson

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44 minutes