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The Retirement of Horatio Gray

Episode 7 of 8

Horatio Gray’s new terrace house unexpectedly travels through time. Now he has an unexpected guest. Stars Jackie Woodburne.

Eddie finds himself in a terrace house owned by Horatio Gray - a house that unexpectedly travels randomly through time.

But have Eddie’s travels with Anastasia prepared him to be the adult in this time travelling house?

Sci-fi comedy starring Neighbours’ Jackie Woodburne as Anastasia Black.

Andrew Hansen....... Horatio Gray
Ben McKenzie ........ Eddie Jones
Jackie Woodburne ....... Anastasia Black
Petra Elliott ........ Sue Denholm
Francisco de Cuellar / Sir Francis Drake …… Stephen Hall

Additional voices:

Lee McKenzie, Sam Streeter, Daniel Sullivan, Dave Lamb, Richard Schipper, Kevin Powe and Troy Larkin.

Written by Lee Zachariah

Music by David Ashton

Produced by Ben McKenzie and John Richards

A Splendid Chaps Production.

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