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Emma is on a mission and Toby has a delicate question to ask

Emma arrives at Grange Farm with a cushion for Joe. She’d bought it for him to enjoy in their Beechwood house, but there’s no use her hanging on to it now. Clarrie’s sure he’ll be grateful. She’s missed having Emma around, but she doesn’t see how anything can ever be the same again.
Toby pops in on Kate for her help with a sensitive matter: does she have any remedies for loss of libido? He wonders if she might be able to help out with a massage. Kate is less than impressed to discover that Toby’s asking on behalf of Basil the boar. She won’t be party to the creation of more piglets that will be reared for slaughter. Toby takes matters into his own hands and tries to tempt Basil with a citronella candle.
Eddie shows Oliver the broken cider press. They muse on its history; Oliver thinks something with its provenance belongs in a museum. Eddie has a flash of inspiration; Oliver may just have solved their problem…

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