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Should you break a promise, Sacred trees, The legacy of Mugabe

Sunday morning religious news and current affairs programme presented by Edward Stourton.

Should you make a promise you can’t keep? We reflect on the ethical issues thrown up by the week’s events in Parliament.

Pope Francis has embarked on a 3 nation African tour. He’s visiting Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius. Martin Bashir, the BBC’s Religion Editor, has been travelling with the Pope.

The historian Dan Jones has just written a new account of the era through the multiple perspectives of characters whose stories have seldom been heard.

Much of the coverage of Robert Mugabe’s death has pondered on how a liberator became a tyrant. The answer is complex, as is the relationship between Christians in Zimbabwe and their former leader.

And we have an in-depth investigation into the allegations of sexual and physical abuse against Sogyal Rinpoche.

Producer: Louise Clarke-Rowbotham
Rosie Dawson
Editor: Amanda Hancox

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