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The Baking Farmer

JB Gill travels to south Essex to meet a farmer who is passionate about food. George Young thinks more farmers should try milling their own grains to bake bread.

Lots of farmers grow wheat, but not many of them mill their own grains to make bread. JB Gill meets a farmer in South Essex who is doing just that.

George Young is passionate about food. He wants to have a direct connection with the people who eat what he grows. He is switching from growing commodity crops like wheat and barley that are sold on the global market, to growing more niche crops that he sells via a shorter supply chain.

JB Gill takes a look at some of his new crops - from hemp to buckwheat - and joins him in the kitchen where he's milling his own wheat to make bread.

Presented by JB Gill
Produced by Heather Simons

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22 minutes