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How do you ask for a pay rise?

Talking about your worth can be hard, so how do you ask for a pay rise and make sure you get one?

Whether you are a freelancer or working for a big company, talking about how much you're worth can be hard. Have you been too scared to ask for a pay rise? Have you asked but been rejected? Have you dodged negotiating your pay when offered a new position?

We take your calls and offer advice on how to have those tricky conversations.

Contact the Money Box team - email or tweet @moneybox.
Or call us from 1pm on Wednesday: 03 700 100 444 - geographic charges apply.

Join Louise Cooper and her expert panel:
Catherine Davies from Pay Rise Accelerator
Andrew Chamberlain, Deputy Director of Policy at IPSE
Natalie Reynolds author of "We have a Deal" and founder of negotiation consultancy Advantage spring

Producer: Phoebe Keane
Editor: Emma Rippon

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