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Award-winning comedian and quizzer Paul Sinha improves your general knowledge through fascinating facts and hilarious true stories.

Paul Sinha - comedian, lapsed GP, Chaser and genuinely the fourth best quizzer in the United Kingdom - returns to tell you about... well, everything.

Paul has already told you about history in the Rose d'Or-winning Paul Sinha's History Revision, as well as Britishness (Paul Sinha's Citizenship Test), Magna Carta (The Sinha Carta), the Olympics (The Sinha Games) and, most importantly, cricket (The Sinha Test). But as a competitive quizzer, Paul learns fascinating facts all the time. As a curious man, he then looks up the stories behind those facts and they often turn out to be even more fascinating. In Paul Sinha's General Studies, he shares these stories with you.

This week's show starts with a question about the connection between an Emmy-winning actor and an electro-pop pioneer, before moving through the world of sport in search of barely-believable but true facts, including one of Britain's greatest-ever cyclists and the unusual circumstances around the 1904 Olympic Marathon.

Written and performed by Paul Sinha
Produced by Ed Morrish

A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4

23 days left to listen

28 minutes