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4 Extra Debut. Kenneth Horne has his flat redecorated and Hornerama looks at photography. With Kenneth Williams. From April 1960.

Kenneth Horne has his flat redecorated and Hornerama investigates photography.

With Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and Bill Pertwee.

Written by Eric Merriman and Barry Took

The precursor to ‘Round The Horne’ – series 3 has been fully restored using both home and overseas (BBC Transcription Service) recordings.

A madcap mix of sketches and songs, Beyond Our Ken hit the airwaves in 1958 and ran to 1964 – featuring regulars like Arthur Fallowfield, Cecil Snaith and Rodney and Charles.

Music from Pat Lancaster, the Fraser Hayes Four and the BBC Variety Orchestra conducted by Paul Fenoulhet.

Incidental music by Edwin Braden.

Announcer: Douglas Smith

Producer: Jacques Brown

First broadcast on the BBC Light Programme in April 1960.

23 days left to listen

30 minutes