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Writer and comedian Andy Hamilton looks at his relationship with class over the decades and muses on how his teenage self would judge him now.

Radio 4 favourite Andy Hamilton presents a collection of observations and reminiscences from his personal life and 40-plus years working in comedy.

Over this four-part series, Andy will be sort of remembering tales about Sport, Class, Religion and Stupidity. Through comic observations and personal anecdotes, he will explore each theme, examining how much (or how little) things have changed in the 60ish years he's been on this planet.

This week, Andy considers Class. As a middle-class child of working-class parents he recalls some of his bumps up against the class system at university and at work, and suggests comedy is a better mirror of class than drama ever has been.

Andy was born in Fulham in 1954, read English at Cambridge and then in 1976 began writing comedy for BBC Radio, on programmes like Week Ending and The News Huddlines. In 1990, he and Guy Jenkin created Drop the Dead Donkey for Channel 4. Andy has spent much of his working life making acute observations about politics and family life. In 2007, again with Guy Jenkin, he created the massive TV hit Outnumbered, which celebrated the chaos of life with young children. More recently they created the highly topical Ballot Monkeys and Power Monkeys for Channel 4, which charted the absurdities of the General Election and then the EU Referendum. For over 20 years he has been playing the part of Satan in his Radio 4 sitcom, Old Harry's Game. Andy is also a popular panellist on shows such as The News Quiz and Have I Got News For You.

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Children's cartoons (not suitable for children)

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