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Alice hatches a cunning plan and there's a crisis at Home Farm.

Lilian tries to persuade Jim to join her new Brainboxes quiz team at the Bull. At first Jim declines, but when Lilian suggests Jennifer as an alternative member, he says he’ll think about it.
Chris tries to get to see his sister, but reports that she wouldn’t even come out of her room.
Tetchy Brian doesn’t like Adam telling him not to overdo things, and gets a bit over enthusiastic in his handling of a tractor. The tractor develops a fault and breaks down. With their spare having been sold to Josh, they a need a solution fast. Adam makes a call to Josh and announces Josh is happy to sort them one out. The condition is that Josh drives it. Great, mutters Brian, so not only have we sold our spare to him, but Josh gets to make more money hiring us one back and driving it himself.
Alice isn’t buying Kate’s story that she can’t stand Jakob after what he said about Spiritual Home. She knows her sister, and reckons Kate would still go for Jakob if they were in a room together. Do it then, says Chris. Get them together and see what happens. Inspired, Alice arranges a ‘blind date’ for Kate and Jakob, persuading her sister to agree by implying that she’s found her someone to help her put Jakob out of her head. She thinks they might just hit it off…

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