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Toni Morrison, Hal Prince, Dr Elizabeth Killick, Li Peng, Barrington Pheloung

Matthew Bannister on author Toni Morrison, director Hal Prince, engineer Elizabeth Killick, Chinese Premier Li Peng, composer Barrington Pheloung

Pictured: Toni Morrison

Matthew Bannister on

The Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, acclaimed for her novels which put the experience of black women centre stage.

Hal Prince, the successful theatre producer and director behind West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera and Evita.

The pioneering radar and sonar engineer, Dr Elizabeth Killick.

Li Peng, the Chinese Premier who ordered troops to fire on unarmed students in Tiananmen Square.

Barrington Pheloung, the TV and film composer who wrote the theme music for Inspector Morse.

Interviewed guest: Dr Tessa Roynon
Interviewed guest: Margaret Busby OBE, FRSL
Interviewed guest: David Benedict
Interviewed guest: Ed Gorman
Interviewed guest: Isabel Hilton OBE
Producer: Neil George

Archive clips from: Start The Week, Radio 4 08/12/2003; Toni Morrison reads Song of Solomon, Penguin / PRH Audio; World Book Club, Radio 4 Extra 12/06/2016; Toni Morrison’s Nobel Prize Lecture, 07/12/1993; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 16/11/1986; Broadcasting House, Radio 4 04/08/2019; Elaine Paige on Sunday, Radio 2 04/08/2019; Workers Join Pro-Democracy Protests, BBC Sound Archive 23/05/1989; Tiananmen Square protesters battle Chinese troops, BBC News 04/06/1989; Today, Radio 4 08/11/1997; The Radio 2 Arts Show, 30/03/2016.

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Toni Morrison

Born 18 February 1931; died 5 August 2019, aged 88.

Last Word spoke to Dr Tessa Roynon, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Oxford’s Rothermere American Institute, and Margaret Busby OBE, FRSL, publisher, editor, writer and broadcaster.

Hal Prince

Born 30 January 1928; died 31 July 2019, aged 91.

Last Word spoke to critic and broadcaster David Benedict.

Dr Elizabeth Killick

Born 10 September 1924; died 7 July 2019, aged 94.

Last Word spoke to Ed Gorman, journalist and former Times correspondent.

Li Peng

Born 20 October 1928; died 22 July 2019, aged 90.

Last Word spoke to Isabel Hilton OBE, editor of Chinadialogue and former BBC presenter.

Barrington Pheloung

Born 10 May 1954; died 31 July 2019, aged 65.