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FloFilz chatting and Kedr Livanskiy mix

Tom is joined by German producer / violinist Flofilz, and Russian DJ Kedr Livanskiy provides the guest mix.

Tom is joined by Flofilz. Following the release of his new album 'Transit', the German producer / violinist from Aachen spent many weeks in London and that's become the central inspiration. Featuring tracks such as Montclare St, Telegraph Hill Park, Camberwell, and Hoxton Hoops, and collaborators such as AlfaMist , Barney Artist,and K, Le Maestro, and Biig Piig, he might have just created one of the best albums of the year; clever sampling, great vocalists, and analogue production is a winning combination.

And on the B side of the show, Moscow DJ Yana Kedrin AKA Kedr Livanskiy provides this week's guest mix. Speaking of albums of the year, another contender would be her second LP 'Your Need' which was released back in May. Recorded in less than two weeks, she says the album is; "a celebration of life and rebirth. It’s about a fighter’s spirit, and if you will, a little audacity and courage." We're hoping her mix provides the same audacity that we've been hearing from her all year.

3 hours

Music Played

  • Kaiamba Orchestra


    • K7.
  • Saint Jude

    Deaf Ears Blind Years

    • Slow Dance Recordings.
  • Great Dad

    Sandor Katz

    • Great Dad.
    • Young Turks.
  • Metronomy

    Walking In the Dark

    • Because Music.
  • Bella Vista

    Mister Wong

    • Isle of Jura Records.
  • Banbarra

    Shack Up (Danny Goliger Edit)

    • Ed, Edd n Edits EP.
    • Fantastic Voyage.
  • Ensemble Entendu

    Big Break

  • Kyriakos Sfetsas

    40 Steps

    • Teranga Beat.
  • Sarathy Korwar

    Good Ol' Vilayati (feat. Mirande)

    • The Leaf Label.
  • Bedouin Soundclash

    Salt Water (Ishmael Ensemble Remix)

    • Mr Bongo.
  • Mikey Young

    Spectrum View

    • You Feelin' Me?.
    • Castle Face.
  • FloFilz

    Camberwell (feat. Alfa Mist)

  • Expansions


  • FloFilz

    Ramen For Breakfast

  • Corey King

    Fertility Filter

    • Understanding.
    • Def Pressé.
  • Peyton

    To Spare

  • J Dilla

    Don't Cry

  • Cavalier


  • Africa Express, Infamous Boiz & Moonchild Sanelly

    Sizi Freaks

    • EGOLI.
    • Africa Express.
  • Quantic

    You Used To Love Me (feat. Denitia)

    • TruThoughts.
  • Four Tet


  • Slugabed

    Put The Runes On U

    Remix Artist: Samuel Organ.
    • Activia Benz.
  • The Juan MacLean

    Get Down (With My Love) [HNNY Remix]

    • DFA Records.
  • The Horrors

    4. Something To Remember Me By (Gabe Gurnsey Remix)

    • V Remix EP.
    • Wolf Tone.
  • Afterpiece

    Xenization (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Earthen Sea

    A Blank Slate (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Sweet and Innocent

    Express Your Love (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Kyo

    To All My Future Lovers

    Remix Artist: oqbqbo.
  • Kiko Navarro & Giuseppe Tuccillo

    Auris (Canto A Obatala) (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Music Note

    Grow (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Jeff Mills

    Electromagnetic (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Pearson Sound

    Underground (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Borai & Denham Audio

    Make Me (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Lone

    Abraxas (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Liluzu

    Scale Libra (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Kedr Livanskiy

    Lugovoy (November Dub) (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • P. Adrix

    Viva La Raça (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Interplanetary Criminal

    U Know (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Sanctuaire

    Sceptre (Kedr Livanskiy Guest Mix)

  • Laurent Garnier & Chambray

    Feelin' Good (Radio Slave Revenge Mix)

    • Feelin' Good EP.
    • Rekids.
    • 2.
  • NKC

    Dual Power

    • Tincture.
  • CAIN

    Gundon Night

    • High Call EP.
    • Fine Grains.
  • Wraetlic

    Tactic (Hodge Remix)

    • Ad Absurdum.
    • Huntleys & Palmers.
  • Relic


    • Dead End Chases.
    • Newrhythmic Records.
  • James Welsh


    • Phantasy Sound.
  • Client_03

    1nce Again

    • Hope Repeater.
    • Astrophonica.


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