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There's bad news for Jazzer and Jakob gets the wrong end of the stick

Lynda updates Oliver on events at Grey Gables, including Ian’s new nickname in the wake of his fete fail: the Gobby Chef. She invites Oliver to join the shortlisting team for the assistant receptionist post. He announces he has two candidates of his own lined up. Lynda’s horrified to discover the mystery applicants are Tracy and Freddie. Oliver insists they’re invited for interview.
Jakob relates his experience at Spiritual Home to Harrison. He feels Kate needs to pay more attention to the image she’s putting across, and that she’s out of her depth; though he concedes his shoulder does feel better. Harrison gives Kate a heads-up that Jakob thinks her marketing emails may be giving the wrong impression about the ‘extras’ Spiritual Home is offering. Appalled Kate goes straight to Jakob and reads him the riot act. How dare he besmirch her reputation and that of her business! Jakob insists it’s all a misunderstanding, and offers to promote her services to his colleagues at Lovell James. But Kate won’t be pacified.
Jazzer’s disappointed when Harrison updates him on his enquiries with the news that no arrest has been made in the wake of Jazzer’s disclosure regarding Jim. Harrison explains that without evidence there’s nothing the police can do. Jazzer declares to worried Harrison that in that case he’ll attempt to get some.

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