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Horticultural programme featuring a group of gardening experts.

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42 minutes

Plant List

Question and time codes are below.

Where applicable plant names are listed.


Q1 – Whether to put crocks in pots or not? Do they help or hinder?

(1 minute 56 seconds)


Q2 – Are there plants the panellists feel should be grown more widely?

(4 minutes 6 seconds)


Bob – Dictamnus (fraxinella)


Anne – Sanguisorba


Q3 – I have a Philadelphus shrub which is 20 years old, flowering at the bottom but with sticks coming up without flowers – how do I prune this?

(6 minutes 39 seconds)


Q4 – I have an unheated greenhouse and would like to create a space for orchids to re-flower, how can I do this?

(9 minutes 23 seconds)


Feature (13 minutes 48 seconds)


Q5 – For how long should we feed and water bulbs – particularly lilies in pots – and should we use a high potash feed?

(22 minutes 40 seconds)


Q6 – For the last 6 weeks, my Salvias – particularly Amistad and Impatiens Tinctoria – have been affected by bugs eating small holes on the leaves. Is it flee beetle, and if so, when does this happen, and how do I stop it?

(25 minutes 22 seconds)


Q7 – Can the panel suggest an evergreen shrub, with year-round interest, with roughly 1.5-2m (5-6.5ft) height and spread?

(28 minutes 30 seconds)


Bob – Poncirus trifoliata


Pippa – Sarcococca (Winter box)


Q8 – I have 6ft (1.8m) wide sunny bed, and a huge fennel which has fallen over. What can I plant in its place that will make a statement but not fall over?

(37 minutes 32 seconds)


Anne – Globe artichoke


Pippa – Red skin pepper or chilli peppers



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