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It’s the end of the line for Ed and Clarrie's worries increase

It’s the day of exchange and Emma is in despair. Ed puts his foot down and finally phones the mortgage company. In the yard, Eddie and Clarrie worry over the loss of Ed’s job and agree to stay strong for the grandchildren. Ed’s call to the mortgage company results in the failure of their application. Emma starts unpacking their boxes. They’ve lost the house. Furious, Emma accuses Ed of thinking they aren’t worth good things. She’s grafted for that house and her children’s security but feels she will never be as good as the likes of the Archers or Fallon or Kirsty. Isn’t Ed sick of always needing a leg up? She’ll never bother dreaming again. Exasperated, Ed walks out.
Later, Ed meets Emma in Grange field. He feels as if Emma wants more than he can give her. He’s got what he wants with the family but Emma remains fixated on the house. Emma believes they need time to get over their disappointment but Ed has the final word: the relationship is over.

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