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Two years later, Vasari (Tom Conti) works on his vast fresco under pressure from the Medici Duke and edits a new edition of his book with Piero, who is a little distracted by love.

“Giorgio Vasari? Who’s he?” The very thought would have been anathema to the great man, a legend in his own lifetime but an unsung hero today. Using his own words as inspiration this three part classic serial tells a poignant story of pride, love and legacy combined with an epic journey through the art of the Renaissance - led by the man who invented the word. We begin in Florence, 1570. Giorgio Vasari is the top painter and architect of the day, as well as the official biographer of the pantheon of Renaissance artists. His vast book THE LIVES OF THE ARTISTS is already in its second edition and will stay in print well into the next millennium as the essential text for all students of art history. At the behest of his illustrious patron, the Grand Duke Cosimo de’ Medici, Vasari is about to embark on his most ambitious project ever: painting the city’s cathedral dome. When he prays for assistance, God sends him a surprise response: a new assistant, Piero, who reminds him of his own young self.

Written by Eileen Horne.

Created by Eileen Horne and Sarah Dunant

VASARI ..... Tom Conti
PIERO ..... Will Taylor
COSINA/MONA LISA ..... Jasmine Hyde
GILDA ..... Eva Feiler
TOMMASO ..... Tristan Beint
GIULIO ..... Jay Mailer
DUKE FERDINANDO ..... John Hollingworth
COSIMO/BIRD VENDOR ..... David Troughton

LEONARDO DA VINCI ..... Nick Murchie


Produced and Directed by Clive Brill
Exec Producer: Sarah Dunant
A Brill Production for BBC Radio 4

57 minutes