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Shula comes to the rescue and it's a wild night out for the Aldridge family

Adam and Ian head into Felpersham for a night out with Alice, Chris and Phoebe. While Chris gets up on stage to enter a dance off, tired Adam and Ian sneak home without saying goodbye. Chris peaks too soon, and is so drunk that Alice and Phoebe have to bundle him into Rex’s taxi before midnight. Alice discovers that Phoebe is putting in a bid for Peggy’s fund, but she’s not going to tell them anything about it.
Alistair tells Shula he’s put his foot in it with Jim again. Alistair suggested some helplines to him, but it seems to have made things worse again. Shula suggests that Alistair rings a helpline himself, and invites Alistair round to The Stables that night, so that he can call in privacy. Alistair finds the phone call really helpful; he hadn’t realised relatives could seek support too. For now, the most important thing is for them to listen to Jim, and to help him decide in his own time what action he wants to take, if any. Shula reminds Alistair that healing is a process, not an endpoint. Alistair thanks her; he doesn’t know what he’d have done without her. She really is a godsend.

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