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Semi-final 4, 2019

The last four semi-finalists compete for a place in the grand Final of the general knowledge tournament, with Russell Davies asking the questions

With one remaining place in the 2019 Final up for grabs, the last four of this year's semi-finalists take to the stage. Will they remember which was the first ghost to visit Scrooge in Dickens' A Christmas Carol? What Frederick Sanger was the first British person ever to do? Or what middle name the Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave their first child?

Russell Davies has all the questions and all the answers - and he'll also be teasing the Brains with a couple of questions suggested by a listener, aiming to win a prize by outwitting them.

The semi-finalists today are:
Gareth Aubrey, a planning environmental law solicitor from South Wales
Steve Goddard, a lecturer in French from Oxford
Gary Grant, a GP from Lytham St Anne's
Alice Walker, a former IT consultant from Stockport

Producer: Paul Bajoria

25 days left to listen

28 minutes


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