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Emeli Sandé

Singer songwriter Emeli Sandé, the musical life of Alan Johnson, Juliet Blaxland on her Easternmost house, Lee John Phillips on drawing endless nails and David Gower.

Fresh from a neuroscience degree, she burst into our consciousness almost ten years ago with her club anthem track Heaven, and then Read all About it with Professor Green. She was the only artist to perform at the opening and closing ceremonies for the 2012 London Olympics. Writing for other artists as well as a successful solo career, she is back with a new single and tour and album to follow. Emeli Sandé joins Richard and Aasmah.

They also have Juliet Blaxland, who lives on the easternmost part of England, in a house - known as the Easternmost house - which is slowly getting closer and closer to the sea. Mindful of the end of her life in the house, Juliet wrote a diary of a year in this changing landscape.

Lee John Phillips is drawing and logging every item of his late Grandfather's shed. He tells us about his extraordinary project.

Alan Johnson grew up with a passion for music, and dreamed of becoming a rock star, but ended up joining the Post Office. He got involved with the Union of Post Office workers, and became their youngest ever general secretary in 1992. Five years later he became the Member of Parliament for Hull West and Hessle and later served in the Blair and Brown governments as work and pensions secretary, Trade and Industry Secretary, Education Secretary, Health Secretary and Home Secretary.

And the Inheritance Tracks of Cricketer David Gower who chooses Tchaikovsky: 5th Symphony, 4th movement Andante Maestoso and Candle in the Wind by Elton John.

Producer: Corinna Jones
Editor: Eleanor Garland

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