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Brenda Maddox, Ivan Cooper, Min Hogg, John Gunther Dean, Dave Bartholomew

Matthew Bannister on politician Ivan Cooper, editor Min Hogg, diplomat John Gunther Dean, writer Brenda Maddox and musician Dave Bartholomew.

Pictured: Brenda Maddox

Matthew Bannister on

Ivan Cooper, the human rights campaigner and politician from Northern Ireland who played a key role in the protests on Bloody Sunday.

Min Hogg, the colourful founding editor of World of Interiors magazine. Her friend Nicky Haslam pays tribute.

John Gunther Dean, the last US diplomat to be evacuated from Cambodia as war loomed.

Brenda Maddox, author of many books including The Half Parent and a biography of James Joyce's wife Nora Barnacle.

Dave Bartholomew, the New Orleans musician who wrote four thousand songs including many of Fats Domino's greatest hits.

Interviewed guest: Dr Simon Prince
Interviewed guest: Enda McClafferty
Interviewed guest: Nicky Haslam
Interviewed guest: Bronwen Maddox
Interviewed guest: Fiammetta Rocco
Interviewed guest: Garth Cartwright
Producer: Neil George

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28 minutes

Ivan Cooper

Born 5 January 1944; died 26 June 2019, aged 75.

Last Word spoke to Dr Simon Prince, Senior Lecturer at Canterbury Christ Church University and specialist in the Northern Irish Troubles, and Enda McClafferty, BBC Northern Ireland Political Correspondent.   

Min Hogg

Born 28 September 1938; died 25 June 2019, aged 80.

Last Word spoke to her friend, interior designer Nicky Haslam.  

John Gunther Dean

Born 24 February 1926; died 6 June 2019, aged 93.

Brenda Maddox

Born 24 February 1932; died 16 June 2019, aged 87.

Last Word spoke to her daughter Bronwen Maddox, and Fiammetta Rocco, Culture Editor at The Economist.

Dave Bartholomew

Born 24 December 1918; died 23 June 2019, aged 100.

Last Word spoke to music journalist Garth Cartwright.