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John Tidmarsh OBE, Sylvia Denman, Paul Darrow, Sheila Turner, Leon Redbone

Matthew Bannister on broadcaster John Tidmarsh, lawyer Sylvia Denman, actor Paul Darrow, campaigner Sheila Turner and singer Leon Redbone.

Pictured: John Tidmarsh

Matthew Bannister on

John Tidmarsh, who presented Outlook on the BBC World Service for thirty years and brought comfort to the Beirut hostages. John McCarthy pays tribute.

Sylvia Denman, the Barbados-born lawyer who campaigned for better race relations in the UK and fought to improve educational outcomes for young black people.

Paul Darrow, the actor best known as Avon, the anti-hero of the cult sci-fi TV show Blake's 7.

Sheila Turner, who campaigned for better treatment for patients who, like her, suffered from thyroid disorders.

And the mysterious singer Leon Redbone, who specialised in music from the Tin Pan Alley era of the 20s and 30s.

Interviewed guest: Bob Chaundy
Interviewed guest: John McCarthy
Interviewed guest: Daniel Stilitz QC
Interviewed guest: Lincoln Crawford OBE
Contributor: Matthew Sweet
Interviewed guest: Marian Reed

Producer: Neil George

Archive clips from: Outlook, BBC World Service 27/07/1974; Outlook, BBC World Service 15/06/1978; BBC News 12/10/1960; Outlook, BBC World Service 04/07/1996; Newsnight, BBC Two 26/07/2001; Blake's 7, BBC One 25/02/1980; Blake's 7, BBC One 21/12/1981; Dr Who, BBC One 09/03/1985; Kaleidoscope Extra, Radio 4 22/05/1990.

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28 minutes

John Tidmarsh OBE

Born 13 August 1928; died 30 May 2019, aged 90.

Last Word spoke to producer Bob Chaundy and journalist John McCarthy.

Sylvia Denman

Born 16 September 1932; died 1 May 2019, aged 86.

Last Word spoke to barrister Daniel Stilitz QC, and barrister Lincoln Crawford OBE, Law Employment and Discrimination Specialist.

Paul Darrow

Born 2 May 1941; died 3 June 2019, aged 78.

Matthew Sweet pays tribute.

Sheila Turner

Born 28 September 1937; died 3 June 2019, aged 81.

Last Word spoke to Marian Reed, Chair of Thyroid Patient Advocacy (TPAUK).  

Leon Redbone

Born 26 August 1949; died 30 May 2019, aged 69.