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Tracy Ann Oberman concludes Damian Barr's blistering debut, spanning 100 years of South Africa's dark past and present. It's 2006, and Willem is about to get a stepdad...

Tracy Ann Oberman reads Damian Barr's blistering debut novel, spanning a 100 years of South Africa's dark past and present, from the 1901 Boer War to 2010. Inspired by real events, it explores South Africa's hidden colonial history as well as its shocking present-day darkness,

It's 2006, and both white and black South Africans are adjusting to the end of Apartheid. And twelve-year old, Britney-loving Willem fears he's about to get a new stepdad...

Omnibus of the last five of ten parts read by Tracy Ann Oberman.

Writer: Damian Barr is a journalist, writer and host of his own Literary Salon. His memoir, Maggie and Me, his story of surviving small-town Scotland in the Thatcher years, won the Sunday Times Memoir of the Year:

Abridger: Richard Hamilton

Producer: Justine Willett

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2019.

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