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Rent and Return

Whether clothes, toys or camping kit, we look at the increasingly popular option of renting stuff instead of owning it. What are the pros and cons? How good is it for the planet?

For years we've rented carpet cleaners or hired a dinner jacket for a wedding. But now we're beginning to rent all sorts of other things too. Furniture., toys, even outfits for a work do. Money Box Live looks at the increasingly popular option of renting stuff rather than owning it. What can you borrow and what the pros and cons of doing so? We visit the Library of Things in south London where you can rent a tent, a waffle maker or even a ukulele. Will borrowing not buying help save the planet?

Emily Gordon-Smith Director of Consumer Products at Stylus
Martyn James, Consumer rights expert at Resolver

Presenter: Louise Cooper
Producer: Sally Abrahams

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