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Jill takes a step forwards and Ben has great pleasure in revealing Ruairi's masterplan

Alice helps Adam to decorate the baby’s nursery with animal wall stickers. They discuss the difficulties they had on Open Farm Sunday. The punters were less interested in Adam’s aquaponics than he thought they would be. Alice tells Adam about Brian heckling her and the demonstration going wrong. Adam fills Alice in on his skinny dipping challenge with Ian. Alice wonders why she and Lilian haven’t been invited to Peggy’s meeting on Friday. Ben arrives with a challenge for Adam and Ian from Ruairi. He takes both their phones and sends a mystery text.
Leonard shows Jill around his bungalow. She’s impressed to discover he used to go out in hot air balloons as a hobby. He shows her to the spare room and says if they ever stay out late she could have it to herself. If she wanted. Later, over lunch, Leonard tells Jill about how nervous he was for their lunch date. He likes Jill a lot. She tells Leonard that she likes him too.
Jill arrives back at Brookfield after midnight. Thankfully, Ben’s awake to let her in. He notices that she didn’t sleep over at Leonard’s then. Not tonight, no…

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