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I'm Not Too Old At All!

Looking to the future in the company of some of Britain's nearly 15,000 centenarians.

There's an estimated 15,000 people in Britain who have reached the age of 100 and received the famous telegram from the Queen. That's 0.02% of the overall population.

Over five programmes, we hear from some of them about the lives they've led, their experiences in the last 100 years, the lessons they've learned and how they view the future.

Today, two centenarians from Yorkshire - Elsie Beesle, who's lived a life full of dancing until her legs "got a little wobbly" and attending night classes (latterly with the University of the Third Age), and Dennis Allen who was born in 1914 and spent fifteen years in the Army driving a truck and fighting in Afghanistan, Singapore and Burma. These days, he's been told he's too old even for a scooter - although he does have an exercise bike.

Produced by Hannah Dean
A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4

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14 minutes