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Past and Future Sounds

Classical guitarist Sean Shibe reveals the secrets of his world, exploring the rich sounds of the guitar and its relatives in music from seven centuries.

In this second episode Sean delves into some of the many ways of playing Bach on the lute and guitar, finds a singing oboe line interpreted beautifully by two masters of the guitar from the 1960s, discovers connections between Debussy, Villa Lobos and the bossa nova and shows how to get an otherworldly effect using a guitar and a spoon.

Sean Shibe is a young, award-winning musician who’s changing the way people listen to the guitar. In this six-part series he presents a personal choice of vibrant and varied pieces by composers from Spanish Renaissance masters to Steve Reich and Django Reinhardt, with performers including Julian Bream, Andres Segovia, John Williams, Rolf Lislevand, Dolores Costoyas and the Romeros. Sean will be discovering the characters of the extended guitar family, from the oud, lute and vihuela to the Brahms guitar, decachord and electric guitar, and he’ll express straight-talking views on players of the past and present who have helped shape his own unique approach to the art of guitar playing. With his guitar on his knee he'll also have the opportunity to show us what to listen for and what’s physically possible on the instrument.

Over the weeks we’ll hear Sean’s philosophical, intellectual and above all emotional take on the music he knows so well. He opens a door into a world that’s full of subtlety and contrast in its expression of culture and style. It’s a world that invites us with all sorts of mesmeric and surprising sounds.

A Tandem Production for BBC Radio 3

13 days left to listen

59 minutes

Music Played

  • Robert de Visée

    Chaconne in A minor

    Performer: Rolf Lislevand.
    • ECM.
  • Alessandro Marcello

    Oboe Concerto in D minor - Andante

    Performer: Ida Presti. Performer: Alexandre Lagoya. Orchestra: Pro Arte Orchestra of Munich. Conductor: Kurt Redel.
    • PHILIPS.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Partita for lute in C minor BWV997 - Gigue

    Performer: Paul Galbraith. Music Arranger: Paul Galbraith.
    • DELOS.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Partita for lute in C minor BWV997 - Gigue

    Performer: Rolf Lislevand.
    • Intavolatura.
    • NAIVE.
    • 16.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Partita for lute in C minor - Gigue - transposed to A minor

    Performer: Andrés Segovia.
    • DG.
  • Einojuhani Rautavaara

    Serenades of the Unicorn

    Performer: Ismo Eskelinen.
    • ALBA.
  • Anon.

    Jeux Interdits

    Performer: Pepe Romero.
    • IDIS.
  • Antônio Carlos Jobim

    So Danca Samba

    Performer: Stan Getz. Performer: João Gilberto. Performer: Antônio Carlos Jobim. Singer: João Gilberto.
    • VERVE.
  • Manuel de Falla

    Homenaje pour le tombeau de Claude Debussy

    Performer: Frédéric Zigante.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach

    Lute Suite No.4 in E major, BWV1006a Gavotte en Rondeau

    Performer: Tilman Hoppstock.
  • Julia Wolfe

    LAD (arr. Sean Shibe for guitar) - Slow Melody and Fast Melody

    Performer: Sean Shibe. Music Arranger: Sean Shibe.
  • Michael Praetorius

    Bransle de la torche

    Performer: Pepe Romero. Performer: Celin Romero. Performer: Celedonio Romero. Performer: Celino Romero. Performer: Angelita Romero. Performer: Wilhelm Hellweg. Ensemble: Romero Quartet.
    • PHILIPS.
  • Luis de Milán

    Fantasia X

    Performer: Massimo Marchese.
    • CENTAUR.