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Jared Diamond on national crisis

Jared Diamond, David Runciman and Kate Andrews explore how nations survive trauma and upheaval, with Andrew Marr.

Jared Diamond explores how countries survive national crises. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author and polymath talks to Andrew Marr about the process seven countries went through at moments of huge upheaval – from Japan and Finland to Australia and Chile. Using the lessons learnt in overcoming personal trauma, Diamond charts the painful process of self-appraisal, selective change and flexibility needed to move forward.

Britain is facing its own national crisis, with the public and political parties divided over Brexit, political leadership and the way to move forward. Professor David Runciman and the Associate Director at the IEA Kate Andrews put Jared Diamond’s thesis to the test. They explore how far we can learn from past disasters and whether there are core national values that could help to unite the country. And, as the Conservative leadership contest begins and President Trump arrives in the UK, they discuss the limits to power and the myth of the strong leader.

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Jared Diamond

Jared Diamond is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the seminal million-copy-bestseller Guns, Germs, and Steel and Collapse. He is a professor of geography at UCLA and his work has been influential in the fields of anthropology, biology, ornithology, ecology and history. 

Upheaval – How Nations Cope with Crisis and Change is published by Penguin

David Runciman

David Runciman is Professor of Politics at Cambridge and Head of the Department of Politics and International Studies. He is the author of six previous books, writes for the London Review of Books and hosts the widely acclaimed weekly podcast Talking Politics. 

Where Power Stops: The Making and Unmaking of Presidents and Prime Ministers – will be published August 29, 2019

Kate Andrews

Kate Andrews is Associate Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs. She regularly features across the national media, and writes for the Daily Telegraph, The Times, Spectator Coffee House, and writes a weekly column on Fridays for City AM.