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Faith, Fasting and Feasting – A Ramadan Special

In Ramadan, Yasmin Khan joins thousands in Bristol to share a giant Iftar in the street. She speaks to Tez Ilyas and about the everyday significance of food and fasting in 2019.

As Ramadan 2019 draws to a close, many British Muslim reach the culmination of a month of fasting during daylight hours. But that doesn't mean that food is forgotten. On the contrary...

In this programme, food writer Yasmin Khan celebrates the social, cultural and culinary rituals of Ramadan, the most holy month in the Islamic calendar. She speaks to comedian Tez Ilyas about celebrations with family and friends and a very memorable 'Happy Eid cake'. And in Bristol, Yasmin joins thousands of people coming together for a 'Grand Iftar', a vast street party of Muslims and non-Muslims, who have come together to share a meal with their neighbours once the sun goes down.

Presented by Yasmin Khan
Produced by Clare Salisbury

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28 minutes

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Mon 3 Jun 2019 15:30


  • Sun 2 Jun 2019 12:32
  • Mon 3 Jun 2019 15:30

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