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Alistair is left in an unfortunate position and Jazzer makes his presence known

Jazzer reports Freddie’s moved back to the Stables. Alistair thinks it’s a good move. They contemplate the birthday ‘Tribute Night’ they’re arranging for Jim, anticipating his surprise and pleasure. Jim catches Alistair saying an effusive goodbye to someone on the phone. Alistair bumbles so Jazzer steps in, implying Alistair has a new love interest. Alistair’s not impressed. Jazzer thinks it’s a brilliant cover story for the birthday event arrangements. It’s only for a few weeks and it’ll be worth it. It’d better be, grumbles Alistair.

Emma’s not happy that Ed’s intending to carry on shearing with Jazzer after what Jazzer said to him. He owes Jazzer nothing. Ed points out he can’t let Adam down. Nor does he want to give up on his mate. Will arrives in search of Poppy’s PE kit. Emma feels his pain over the difficulty of the school morning routine. It must be harder without Mia. Will insists he’s coping, but asks Emma if she can mind Poppy later. Emma agrees reluctantly. Ed apologises to Jazzer over the lost shearing work. Jazzer wonders if Tim Oatey could cut him in on some of the other work Ed’s getting, but Ed says that would be difficult. He’d still like Jazzer’s help on Wednesday though. Fair enough, says Jazzer, the shearing dream team’s back on.

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Tue 21 May 2019 14:00


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