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Elizabeth faces a blast from the past and Freddie makes plans for the future

Clarrie comments at the cricket match that she hopes Martyn Gibson appreciates how hard Will’s working at the moment. Freddie arrives to say goodbye. He’s leaving Ambridge. Roy wants to say goodbye, but Freddie’s dashed off to see Shula.

Nigel’s sister Camilla arrives at Lower Loxley to collect Freddie, and everyone feels the force of her acid tongue. It’s not a good start as Camilla is splashed with spilled soup, and Freddie’s absent. Elizabeth offers to take Camilla on a tour of the house while Lily tracks down Freddie. Camilla wastes no time in criticising both the house and Elizabeth’s business acumen. She’s scornful of Elizabeth’s background; with this sort of upbringing it’s not surprising Freddie’s gone off the rails. As the tongue lashing continues, Shula arrives with Freddie. He won’t be leaving with Camilla. He’s going to stay at the Stables with Shula instead. As Camilla continues her hurtful tirade, Freddie asks her to leave. Camilla can see the rot’s already set in; Nigel would be turning in his grave. Furious Shula points out that no-one loved and respected Elizabeth more than Nigel. As Camilla gets in her car, Shula breathes a sigh of relief.

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