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Nov3l interview & Laurence Guy Guest Mix

Tom Ravenscroft shares some of his greatest musical finds of the week. Tonight he's joined by Canadian band Nov3l who drop in for a chat, plus Laurence Guy provides the guest mix.

Tom Ravenscroft shares some of his greatest musical finds of the week. Tonight Vancouver Bryce and Noah from sextet Nov3l drop in to chat in between their live date at The Windmill in London (May 7th) and their date at The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool (14th). They released their self-titled debut EP - bit too big to be an EP but we'll let them off - in February this year on Meat Machine Records.

The guest mix this week comes from Laurence Guy. He has been making and playing music for a long time, and Tom's been playing him for a long time. However it seems over the last couple of years he has really hit his stride with a string of hyped releases on Church, Rose Records and Cin Cin. His latest album 'Making Music Is Bad For Your Self Esteem' was released in February, and is his first release on Studio Barnbus.

He kindly provides Tom with an eclectic mix, featuring names from Brian Eno to Caribou to Aphex to Caz.

3 hours

Music Played

  • Constant Mongrel


    • Experts In Skin 7".
    • Upset The Rhythm.
  • The Garden & Mac DeMarco

    Thy Mission (feat. Mac DeMarco)

    • Epitaph.
  • BEAK>

    Life Goes On

    • Invada.
  • Perfect Body

    Melting Trees, Pt. 2

    • Sonic Cathedral.
  • Flamingods


    • Levitation.
    • Moshi Moshi.
  • Sheitan Brothers

    Gardien Volcan

    • V.A. - Digital Kabar.
    • Infine.
  • Dotorado Pro


    • Macumba EP.
    • Enchufada.
  • Soothsayers & Sarathy Korwar

    Natural Mystic (Sarathy Korwar Remix)

    • Wah Wah 45.
  • Oliver Coates

    Above Sunset Pass

    • John Luther Adams’ Canticles of the Sky + Three High Places.
    • RVNG Intl.
  • Qasim Naqvi

    No Tongue

    • Teenages.
    • Erased Tapes.
  • Anatolian Weapons & Seirios Savvaidis

    Ofiodaimon (feat. Seirios Savvaidis)

    • To The Mother Of Gods.
    • Beats in Space.
  • Crack Cloud

    Swish Swash

    • Meat Machine.
  • N0V3L

    Take You For

  • Exek

    U Mop

    • Superior Viaduct.
  • N0V3L

    Will To Power

  • Africa Express

    Johannesburg (feat. Gruff Rhys, Sibot, Morena Leraba & Radio 123)

  • Wu-Lu, Lex Amor & Ego Ella May


    • The Vinyl Factory.
  • Denzel Curry


    • Loma Vista.
  • Sikka Rymes

    Seh Dem Bad

    • Love Di People EP.
    • Bokeh Versions.
  • Miss Red

    Shut In Your Head

    • The Four Bodies EP.
    • Pressure.
  • slowthai

    Nothing Great About Britain

    • Method Records.
  • Mount Kimbie

    Blue Train Lines (feat. King Krule)

  • Aleksei Nikitin


    • Vesna.
    • UnderTheSea.
  • Slugabed

    Nunhead Reservoir

    • any attempt to control the environment or the self by means that are either unte.
    • Activia Benz.
  • Girls of the Internet & Jitwam

    U Already Know (feat. Jitwam Edit)

    • Drab Queen.
  • Melle Brown


    • Intersection EP.
    • Future Bounce.
  • Brian Eno

    Thursday Afternoon

    • EG.
  • Laurence Guy


  • Laurence Guy

    The Sun is Warm and Directly Above You

  • Caribou


  • Close Up Over


  • Luke Vibert

    Fused Into Music

  • Amen Andrews


  • Brian Eno

    Thursday Afternoon

    • EG.
  • Laurence Guy

    This Isn't My Best Light

  • Aphex Twin

    Alberto Balsalm

  • Thook


    • Noise.
    • Dome Of Doom.
  • JK Flesh

    In Your Pit

  • Aïsha Devi

    I'm Not Always Where My Body Is

    • S.L.F. EP.
    • Houndstooth.
  • Wake Up!

    Joy In Me - Makeness Dub Remix

    • Paradise Palms Records.
  • Nightwave & Martyn Bootyspoon PM

    Quadratic Mind (feat. Martyn Bootyspoon PM)

    • Rainbow Body.
    • Neutralizer Records.
  • S.A.F & NX1

    2 Coke Bottles (NX1 Remix)

    • The Hunter Remixes (inc. NX1, Isolated Lines, Shawn O’Sullivan, Rommek and Israe.
    • Ravage Black Series.
  • Axel Picodot


    • XTC EP.
    • Elements.


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