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Jim comes to the rescue and Kenton is forced to deliver some home truths

Jim faces Tom for a showdown over Jazzer’s severance pay. He counsels Jazzer to stay silent throughout the negotiations. This proves a challenge for Jazzer. In order to head off the pursuit of constructive dismissal, Tom makes an initial offer to Jazzer of a thousand pounds. Jazzer’s dazzled by four figures, but Jim talks Tom up with scenarios of further action. With an offer of four thousand on the table Jazzer can hold his silence no longer. Done! He bangs the table and the deal is settled. Jim thinks they should have held out for more. Jazzer’s impressed with Jim’s legal and negotiating skills, though Jim admits he made some of it up. At the Tearoom Jazzer tells Fallon she runs a lovely operation but he can no longer work there. Privately overjoyed, Fallon lets him off his notice period.

Freddie’s still feeling down about his tour flop. Kenton paints a rosy picture of the Lower Loxley finances to Elizabeth, but later admits to Freddie the situation’s bad. He doesn’t see how they can survive. He levels with Freddie, telling him that while he lives there, there can be no alcohol licence renewal. His mum knows that but hadn’t the heart to send him away. Freddie’s appalled. Lower Loxley’s sinking, and he’s to blame.

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