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Rage - Part 1: Daughters and Lovers

The third Prosecutor Teodor Szacki mystery investigates domestic violence in modern Poland. Adapted by Mark Lawson from Zygmunt Milosewszki, translated by Antonia Lloyd Jones.

The third in the popular Zygmunt Miloszewski novel series about Prosecutor Teodor Szacki - an engaging protagonist with quickfire sarcastic wit and a relentless dedication to uncovering the truth.

When fresh bones mysteriously stripped of all flesh are discovered on a historic site, Szacki is forced to confront the issue of domestic violence within Poland's traditionalist culture. The action builds to a nightmarish crisis that tests his resolve - and feeds his rage.

Published in 2016, Rage deals with a major issue in modern Poland – domestic violence. It continues to show the consequences of the rise to political power of the authoritarian and anti-EU Law and Justice Party at a time when Donald Tusk was still the country’s Prime Minister.

Mark Lawson adapts the novel from Antonia Lloyd Jones' translation with sharp observation and wit. The cast is again lead by Bryan Dick as Teodor Szacki.

Part One: Daughters and Lovers
State Prosecutor Teodor Szacki is called to the discovery of a skeleton. To his dismay, he meets his new boss - his old Warsaw adversary, Olga Kuczniecow. Initially thought to be historical remains, the skeleton turns out to be recent, chemically stripped of flesh and containing bones from several humans. The investigation becomes increasingly complex and personally critical as Szacki’s nearest and dearest become embroiled.

Zygmunt Milosewski is a leading Polish writer. The Teodor Szacki series is hugely popular in Poland and the book series is currently being filmed.

The translator Antonia Lloyd Jones is a full time translator of Polish literature. She won the Found in Translation Award 2008 for the English version of The Last Supper by Pawel Huelle, and is a committee member of the UK Translators Association.

The dramatist Mark Lawson is a well-known writer, critic and journalist

Teodor Szacki – Bryan Dick
Olga Kuzniecow – Alexandra Mathie
Klara Dybus - Rachel Austin
Sister Kristina/Maria K - Claire Benedict
Leon Rudzki – Jonathan Keeble
Hela Szacki – Caitlin Ward
Joanna Parulska/Newsreader – Mina Anwar
Agnieszka Sendrowska/Teresa Najman – Olwen May
Schoolgirl 1 – Isabel Thompson
Schoolgirl 2 – Georgia Devain
Schoolgirl 3 – Tamsin Wickremeratne
School girl 4 – Ryley Nixon
Viktoria Sendrowska – Beatrice Webb

Polish backgrounds – Zofia Morus
Polish language advisor – Antonia Lloyd Jones

Producer / Director…………….Polly Thomas
Sound Design /Producer……………….. Eloise Whitmore
Executive Producer……………John Dryden

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