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Elizabeth offers support and David is on the warpath

Elizabeth visits Will with some books for Poppy. She’s sorry she hasn’t been to see him sooner. He’s worried to ask her in; the place is untidy. No problem, says EIizabeth, she’ll wash up. Will starts to say Nic would have been cross about the mess, but stops himself. Elizabeth encourages him to carry on talking, and the two share their feelings about their loss. Will’s surprised to hear Elizabeth has a therapist. They bond over their shared experiences of grief. It makes Will feel less alone, and Elizabeth assures him that the love he still feels for Nic will never go away. She offers him some leaflets. Will thanks her, but tears them up as she leaves.

Jill thinks Shula might have to learn to manage without Leonard on the art project committee. She starts to explain his resignation is more about him feeling a fraud than anything else, but they’re interrupted by David who’s still raising the spectre of Kenton’s debt. Jill’s fed up with it, but Shula’s on David’s side on this one. David and Elizabeth join them, and David has a go at Kenton for choosing to run Bridge Farm beefburger specials. This leads to them digging up all their old arguments, and ends with David denying Kenton as his brother. Meanwhile Elizabeth has taken a call from Nigel’s sister Camilla. Apparently Freddie wants to go and live with her.

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