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Eighth Grade, All My Sons, Lux by Elizabeth Cook, Stanley Kubrick, Curry House Kid

Bo Burnham's directorial debut film: Eighth Grade, Arthur Miller's All My Sons at London's Old Vic, Lux by Elizabeth Cook, Stanley Kubrick exhibition, Curry House Kid on Channel 4

Youtube star/standup comedian Bo Burnham has now turned his hand to film directing and his debut work is a coming-of-age tale: Eighth Grade. It's about a 15 year old girl dealing with the trials and tribulations of high school life, discovering how the world works and why.
Arthur Miller's All My Sons was his breakthrough work when it debuted on Broadway in 1947. A new production at London's Old Vic theatre stars Sally Field and Bill Pullman
Lux is the latest historical novel by Elizabeth Cook, it continues her fascination with exploring classical themes; this time the story of David and Bathsheba interwoven with the life of 16th century poet Thomas Wyatt
There's a new exhibition celebrating the work of film director Stanley Kubrick which has just opened at The Design Museum in London. On display are items from his personal archive directly related to his long career on groundbreaking films including 2001 A Space Odyssey, Full Metal Jacket and Spartacus
Curry House Kid on Channel 4 is a documentary about Akram Khan's upbringing above a curry house and his desire to dance. it includes a new work about the world of the migrant

Tom Sutcliffe's guests are Amber Butchart, Bob and Roberta Smith and Kerry Shale. The producer is Oliver Jones

Podcast Extra recommendations:
Bob: Sister Corita Kent at The House of Illustration
Amber:Canterbury Archaeological trust the margate Caves
Kerry: David Hepworth - a Fabulous Creation and Space Odyssey... by Michael Benson and After Life on Netflix
Tom: documentary "Room 237"

Available now

53 minutes

All My Sons

All My Sons
Photo Credit: Johan Persson
From Left: Jenna Coleman (Ann Deever), Sally Field (Kate Keller), Oliver Johnstone (George Deever) and Colin Morgan (Chris Keller)

All My Sons is at The Old Vic until 8 June 2019. The National Theatre live screening of the performance is on 14 May 2019. Full details can be found here

Eight Grade

Eight Grade
Eight Grade is in cinemas from 26 April 2019
Certificate 15



Lux by Elizabeth Cook is published by Scribe Publications and out now

The Curry House Kid

The Curry House Kid

The Curry House Kid airs on Channel 4 on Monday 29 April at 10pm

Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition

Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition

Photo Credit: Ed Reeve for the Design Museum 

Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition is held at the Design Museum until 15 September 2019

Podcast Recommendations

Bob recommends the Corita Kent exhibition,  Amber recommends the Canterbury Archaeological Trust and The Margate Caves, Kerry recommends the book A Fabulous Creation by David Hepworth and Michael Benson's Space Odyssey,  Tom recommends the documentary film Room 237


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