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Stephen O’Malley from Sunn 0)))’s Mixtape

Nick Luscombe tickles your ear drums with a mixtape curated by Stephen O'Malley from drone metal band Sunn 0))).

Nick Luscombe enters the sound world of Stephen O’Malley from drone metal band Sunn 0))). Formed in Seattle in 1998, the band is known for an extremely heavy sound that blends diverse genres including drone, black metal, dark ambient, and noise rock. Founding member Stephen O’Malley crafts a special 30-minute continuous mixtape to tickle your ear drums.

Also in the programme d’Voxx’s 1980s inspired atmospheric glitch-techno, an other-worldly sound collage from Isambard Khroustaliov and modern European jazz from trumpeter Christof Mahnig.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 hour, 30 minutes

Music Played

  • Alex Stolze


    • Outermost Edge.
    • Nonostar Records.
  • Sarah Louise

    Chitin Flight

    • Nighttime Birds And Morning Stars.
    • Thrill Jockey Records.
  • Christof Mahnig & Die Abmahnung

    Zu Neuen Ufern

    • Red Carpet.
    • Leo Records.
  • Sunn O)))

    Troubled Air

    • Life Metal.
    • Southern Lord.
  • Senyawa & Stephen O’Malley

    Rehearsal (Excerpt) (Unreleased, 2018)

  • 空間現代


    • Palm.
    • Ideologic Organ.
  • Luc Ferrari

    Presque Rien N°4 La Remontée Du Village

    • Presque Rien.
    • Recollection GRM/Editions Mego.
  • Kōhei Amada & Sugai Ken


    • Kyogokuryu​-​Sōkyoku.
    • EM Records.
  • Mariachi


    • Mariachi.
    • no lagos musique.
  • Mariachi


    • Mariachi.
    • no lagos musique.
  • Mariachi


    • Mariachi.
    • no lagos musique.
  • Cylene

    Deuxième Noir

    • Editions MEGO.
  • La Tène, Guilhem Lacroux, Jérémie Sauvage, Jacques Puech & Louis Jacques

    Danse De L'Ortha

    • Abandonnée/Maleja.
    • Les Disques Bongo Joe.
  • Masakatsu Takagi

    Water Memory

    • Mirai Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.
    • Milan.
  • Parekh & Singh


    • Science City.
    • Peacefrog.
  • Isambard Khroustaliov

    Atoll Song

    • This Is My Private Beach, This Is My Jetsam.
    • Not Applicable Recordings.
  • Dvoxx


    • Télégraphe.
    • DiN.
  • Octo Octa

    I Need You

    • For Lovers.
    • Technicolour.


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