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Episode 4

Customers unbox, test and score a portable mug tray, a DIY beauty kit and a back massager. But only one can win the Customer is Always Right trophy.

Three entrepreneurs come together to discover what our customers think of their precious products. They’re nervous, but ready to watch the customers unboxing, testing and giving their feedback on what they like, dislike and what they think could be improved for each invention.

In today’s episode, we meet David, Jo and David, all hoping to get a high score from our customers and become today’s winner.

David’s invention is a drinks tray which he originally designed for use when sailing in rough seas. Jo’s love of beauty products led to her creating a DIY inventor’s kit packed full of recipes, ingredients, packages and labels for people to create their own beauty products using ingredients found in their own kitchen cupboards. David’s invention is a clinically tested lower back pain relief device which aims to provide relief and increase mobility.


Role Contributor
Presenter Lucy Alexander
Production Manager Emily Ricketts
Executive Producer Elspeth O'Hare
Series Producer Jennifer Gilroy