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Lyra McKee, Una-Mary Parker, Mira Markovic, Doreen Spooner, Edward Kelsey

Matthew Bannister on journalist Lyra McKee, writer Una-Mary Parker, politician Mira Markovic, photographer Doreen Spooner, actor Edward Kelsey

Pictured: Lyra McKee

Matthew Bannister on

Lyra McKee, the 29 year old Northern Irish journalist who was shot dead by the New IRA.

Una-Mary Parker who was the social editor of Tatler, a commentator on the Royal family and the author of best-selling novels.

Mira Markovic, the wife of the Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, who denied her husband's responsibility for atrocities during the Bosnian war.

Doreen Spooner, the first woman to work as a staff photographer on a Fleet Street newspaper.

And Edward Kelsey, the actor who played Joe Grundy in The Archers for 34 years.

Interviewed guest: Sarah Kay
Interviewed guest: Baba Hobart
Interviewed guest: Adam Lebor
Interviewed guest: Cathy Vandeputte
Interviewed guest: Felicity Green
Producer: Neil George

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28 minutes

Lyra McKee

Born 31 March 1990; died 18 April 2019, aged 29.

Last Word spoke to her friend, human rights lawyer Sarah Kay.

Una-Mary Parker

Born 30 March 1930; died 11 April 2019, aged 89.

Last Word spoke to her daughter Baba Hobart.

Mira Markovic

Born 10 July 1942; died 14 April 2019, aged 76.

Last Word spoke to journalist Adam Lebor.

Doreen Spooner

Born 30 January 1928; died 21 April 2019, aged 91.

Last Word spoke to her daughter Cathy Vandeputte, and her former colleague Felicity Green.

Edward Kelsey

Born 4 June 1930; died 23 April 2019, aged 88.